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Outbreak Surveillance

Outbreaks listed that are more than 6 months old may no longer be relevant to the traveller.

The Report

Disease outbreaks are classified either as a new outbreak or an update. An update concerns an outbreak that has been previously reported.

The Report is ordered by country, disease and then date. The most recent updates to an outbreak appear first. The original outbreak is highlighted in grey, with all related updates above it in white. Clicking "All Updates" will allow you to view all the updates relating to the outbreak, including those that are outside the date parameters set by the search.

Further information on outbreaks

The original report of an outbreak can be viewed by clicking on “Source”. Information about an outbreak that may result in a change in travel health advice or that is deemed to be important to British travellers, is written as a “Clinical Update

Terms of Use

The dataset in this report is the property of NaTHNaC. If you wish to use this dataset for purposes other than to check for recent outbreaks (e.g. research or commercial purposes) please contact NaTHNaC.