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About NaTHNaC

The National Travel Health Network and Centre, NaTHNaC, has been created to promote clinical standards in travel medicine with the broad goal of Protecting the Health of British Travellers. We do this by improving the quality of travel health advice available to GP practices and other healthcare providers.

NaTHNaC was created by the Department of Health in 2002. We are now commissioned by the Public Health England (PHE) and hosted by University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We work in partnership with our network founders:

NaTHNaC is based at UCLH NHS Foundation Trust at 250 Euston Road, London. We also have staff at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

NaTHNaC's goals:

  • To develop consistent and authoritative national guidance on general health matters for health professionals advising the public travelling abroad, and to disseminate this information widely.
  • To provide guidance on specific situations relating to the health of travellers.
  • To carry out surveillance of infectious and non-infectious hazards abroad, producing accessible regular output of such surveillance.
  • To administer the Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • To engage the major stakeholders concerned with travel health especially the travel industry, insurance industry and government bodies, to assist both in sentinel surveillance and to engage in constructive dialogue towards a unified prevention approach.
  • To facilitate, in collaboration with other training providers, the training of health care and other personnel in the provision of best quality travel health advice, based on such evidence as is available.
  • To define short-term and long-term research priorities in relation to the above.

NaTHNaC provides:

Guidance and education:

  • Telephone advice to travel health professionals on 0845 602 6712
    (09:00 - 11:45 and 13:00 - 15:45) Mon - Fri (Closed Wednesday afternoons and Bank Holidays)

Surveillance (carried out also by the Travel and Migrant Health Section of PHE):

Surveillance of infectious and non-infectious travel-related risks

Outputs of surveillance information

Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre Administration:

A programme of registration, training, standards and audit for all Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

NaTHNaC Staff

(all staff are based in London, unless otherwise indicated)

Joint Directors
Dr Vanessa Field

Dr Dipti Patel

Operations & Project Manager: Emily Aidoo

Service Manager: Geraldine Oliver

YFVC Programme Manager: Steven Payne

YFVC Support: Linda Pang

Data Manager: Terence Corrigan

Clinical Team

Clinical Advisor: Dr Lisa Ford (Liverpool)

Specialty Doctor in Travel Medicine: Dr William Elson

Specialty Doctor in Travel Medicine: Dr Tania John
Senior Specialist Nurse (Travel Health): Hilary Simons (Liverpool)

Specialist Nurse (Travel Health): Mary Gawthrop

Specialist Nurse (Travel Health): Alexandra Stillwell

Specialist Nurse (Travel Health): Lynda Bramham



Senior Information Analyst: Daiga Jermacane

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Travel Health Surveillance

The Travel and Migrant Health Section (TMHS) at the Health Protection Agency's Centre for Infections (CfI) works in partnership with NaTHNaC to contribute to the evidence-base for travel advice given by the nurses and medical staff of NaTHNaC.

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