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30 November 2012

Yellow fever outbreak: Darfur, Sudan – update 2

As of 25 November, the total number of suspected cases of yellow fever in Darfur, Sudan has risen to 601, including 130 deaths (case fatality rate of 21.6%). Blood samples have been obtained from 14.2% of suspected cases; 39 cases have been confirmed [1].

Out of 57 localities in Darfur, 32 localities have now reported suspected yellow fever cases. The majority of these cases (59.3%) have been from Central Darfur.

A map showing the affected districts is available from the WHO.

Public health measures including mosquito control, health education and enhanced disease surveillance are underway. A mass vaccination campaign, organised by Sudan’s Federal Ministry together with its health partners, began on 23 November and is planned to last for 12 days.  As of 25 November 2012, 48% of the target population in West Darfur, 12% of Central Darfur, 19.9% of North Darfur and 6% of South Darfur have been vaccinated against yellow fever [1, 2].

In Africa, 33 countries are considered at risk of yellow fever (YF) [3]. Outbreaks of yellow fever are also reported in the NaTHNaC Outbreak Surveillance Database

Advice for travellers

YF is transmitted to non-human primates or humans via the bite of an infected mosquito. In Africa, the virus is transmitted via the bite of Aedes spp. mosquitoes that feed predominantly during daylight hours. Travellers should take mosquito bite avoidance measures and seek advice regarding YF vaccination before travelling to YF endemic areas. YF vaccination is recommended for personal protection for all travellers aged nine months and older to countries with a risk of YF.

Full details of YF vaccination recommendations and requirement for International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis for Sudan can be found on the NaTHNaC’s Country Information Pages.



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